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Loops & Things


May 8th, 2018

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The Fruit Loops remix of Loops & Tings still stands today as one of the defining moments in trance.

Released in early 1993, it sent shockwaves through a post-rave Europe and right in the middle of gabber hysteria.

This was no “hardcore” track. The tempo was fast but the sounds were far removed from the harshness of gabba. A rolling bassline and melodic flourishes set Loops & Tings apart from the rest, even if the intro did confuse the hell out of people!

Many more trance classics would emerge from Germany in the years ahead, but Loops & Tings was there from the beginning.

It has been remixed (always using the Fruit Loops remix as base opposed to the frankly terrible original) numerous times over the years with decent results.

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