It all started back in 1997 when the two friends Erik Skådal and Christian Röhss teamed up and formed the band Plastik.
The two friends soon became well known in the scene by publishing their work on websites on the internet. They gained more and more downloads everyday and recieved emails saying how great their music was. At that time their only tools were two computers and tracker software, but upgrading to midi and real synthesizers quickly became a natural step for them, aswell as changing their name from Plastik to something more fresh and starting to publish the tracks on Aura was now born.
The special Aura athmosphere led to a huge positive response from the listeners, and every single track they released climbed to the Top40 chart in their respective genre. Not rarely were they among the top five positions. But is was not until the release of their track Destination Skyline things seriously got moving. The listeners simply loved it and within a week the track got to the no.3 spot on overall Top40-chart, fighting against other top artists such as Trance[]Control. Funny, today Aura & Trancecontrol are good friends, Erik & Alex actually think about producing new music together.